Thursday, 22 November 2012

origami wreath decoration

Some of you may remember this wreath ornament that I made for a class last year. Its pretty simple to do, just a little bit of folding and slotting together! I had a request for instructions from a customer and after looking on my computer for them to email her I realised they wouldn't be on here as they are on my old computer (the one that only had half a screen and drove me mad, remember?!)! So I decided to draw a line under that and make y'all a video! Now you can all enjoy learning how to make it and maybe even make some of your own!

If you have any questions please do drop me a message! 


Amanda x


  1. Dear Amanda,
    such a nice star! Your paper is wonderfull, from where do you get it?

    1. Thank you very much Martina! All the products are from Stampin' Up! If you live in UK, Germany, Austria, France, or the Netherlands you can order their products through me. Visit my online store here:

      The papers are all so gorgeous!!! Beautiful colours and double sided designs!

  2. Hello Amanda!
    This looks great! Thanks!
    Do you know who came up with this origami pattern?
    Is it traditional or copyrighted?