Friday, 20 December 2013

Monster Hugs


Sorry its been a little while, its been super busy around here - invigillating lots of exams, and sewing and baking like a crazy lady to get things done in time of Christmas. I feel like I've been walking through quick sand, slow progress and a never ending list of things that NEED doing NOW!! Thankfully its almost Christmas and then all this madness will be over. We can all relax and enjoy the day! 

I just had to share the Monster Hugs with you today because I totally LOVE them! 

These are part of the Whole Lot of Love promotion Stampin' Up! has running for Valentine's Day. The products are available from 1 December til 28th January. 

Now I know that Valentine's isn't as big a deal over here as it is State side but I assure you its worth checking out as there are a couple of super sweet stamp sets and accessories that can be used for other occassions as well as Valentine's projects! I have several things coming up for you to check out in the days to come but today I just HAD to share with you my favourite new product - Monster Hugs. 

These little cuties come already cut nd with a sticky strip on the tummy - just peel off the covering and stick on whatever treat you'd like your little monster to hug. The arms wrap around and slot together. You also get googlie eyes and sticky hearts to accent your monster. 

The back has a little to and from label plus a cute little butt which is sure to tickle and kid! 

I just couldn't wait to use these and thought they'd make fun holder for a candy cane, so I've made a bunch to give to all my friends and families' kids. 

These come in packs of 18 for £5.50 (Boys and Girls sold seperately) which works out at 30p each! Such a steal! They took literally minutes to whip up a whole bunch and I think the kids are going to love these!

These would make a fantastic favour for a kid's party, or Valentine's, Easter....or any other occassion you can think of that you just want to give out some sweeties to kids but want them a little more dolled up than just a handful of plain sweets. 

Do you love these as much as I do? I really hope you do! Stock up and buy a pack or three, I know you won't regret - they're only available until January 28th  or while stocks last so you need to catch them while you can! 

Have a great evening and I promise I'll be back again soon with more creative goodness! 

Happy Stampin',

Amanda xx

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