Sunday, 18 September 2011


Okay so I have been enormously bad recently with the Simply Stampin' Challenges recently. I have been really busy trying to reorganise my craft room - a total tip at the moment as the contents of my cupboard is EVERYWHERE on account that dad put in some shelves for my massive fabric boxes this week. (Exciting but also a HUGE mess!!)

Also been trying to keep on top of making things, and doing swaps for regional training (it was today - and totally AWESOME!) and on top of that my laptop is having majoy issues. Its been developing dead lines in places for a couple months - irritating but not enough to stop me using it normally. Until this week - Oh my goodness - I now have a 2 inch chunk right down the centre that is totally black and dead - its frustrating the life out of me!!!! Not to mention its temperamental internet connection.

As a result I am saddened to say card/craft blogging is pretty much on hault til I get a new laptop (hopefully soon!!) Sorry for my serious lack of craftyness. I am sad I have nothing to share, actually I have loads to share but the inability to share it without loosing a large proportion of my sanity! On the plus side when I do get a working laptop you will have so much to see its going to be like Christmas come early!!! :D

In the mean time send me a link to your blog - I would love to see what you have been getting up to! Its always great to see what other people have been making, swap ideas etc.

Til next time,


Amanda xx

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