Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Christmas!


Happy New Year! Can you believe we are half way through January already?! Woah, time is seriously flying! 

I'm very sorry for neglecting my blog once again. My new years resolution is to be more organised, get emails out quicker and more consistently and blog more too. The last couple weeks have just been pure mayhem, tidying up from Christmas, organising and making samples and things for events, but I'm getting there!

I've started getting up with Stuart in the mornings - 7:10am!!! Woah, this is a big thing for me as I am most definitely not a morning person and do enjoy a good lie in. On the other hand I am amazed at how much more of a day has been unlocked for me with these early rises! I hope this continues!

So I have a few pics for you of Christmassy things, and then I promise you won't see any more Christmas for a LOOOONG time! (Although with all the snow we've had of late, its got me in a very festive mood! Sigh! Just 11 months to go til Christmas!!)

I thought I'd show you just a few of the ornaments I've made in the past along with some of my ultimate favourites too! (Sorry some of the photos are awful - trying to photograph a tree with lots of lights is REALLY difficult! It just does NOT want to focus! Argh!)

Fave ornament ever!!! Grandma bought it for me when she took me to see The Nutcracker Ballet at or last Christmas in America back in 1998!! 
Just because you pull a corf and the flippers and legs fly up - I love ornaments you can fiddle with! 
Fairy sits on a light and her wings light up, pretty neat! The sand dollar was a holiday acquisition from our trip to South Carolina!   

In memory of my darling Smokey!
Cow bell from Switzerland - I have a ornament from  I think every country I've been to! I LOVE collecting neat and interesting things to hang! 
Christmas Morning - We were travelling to my Uncle's which meant an early start hence the wet hair!
Christmas Tree!!!

Pig (One year I sewed felt farm animals - there was a cow, pig,  goat, horse and chicken) Mom has the horse and chicken and the goat was round the back so didn't get photographed. Think the pig is my fave of the series. Aren't the piglets cute?!)
The last couple years I have struggled with my tree topper. It was beautiful but too heavy and the entire top of my tree just flopped, so this year I made myself a new one using Stampin' Up!'s glimmer paper! It was super easy to make, light weight and so so sparkly!
The origami wreath ornament I made last year
Bird House
Penguin - made from a painted walnut, foam ball and felt. I crocheted the hats too! 
Felt Bauble - swirls were hand drawn with glitter glue - awesome use for  SU!'s Dazzling Details!!
Foam Penguin I made years ago as a kid.
Pop out ornament.
My sweet tree skirt. I don't know why but tree skirts just don't seem to be a British thing! Everyone gives me funny looks til I explain! Anyway I think its a cool idea to cover up all the ugly wires and stuff! And it made your tree bottom look pretty despite presents or no presents gracing it! I made this one with my Grandma in 2011 when I went to the US for Rachel' and Ed's wedding! So it has great sentimental value to me!

Sorry for posting so many, I got a little carried away!! I hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of the MANY ornaments we have!

Thanks for stopping my!

Amanda xx


  1. This is such a wonderful post! I loved looking at all of your fantastic ornaments and learning about the special meaning of so many of them! Your tree topper is gorgeous and I do love the sweet little pigs!

    1. Thanks Margaret! Its nice to hear when someone enjoyed my random babbling! There were more I didn't even get pictures of or were ridiculously bad so I'm feeling another similar post coming on next year! I hope you had a lovely and blessed Christmas! x

  2. I still have your tree decorations! They went up this year too! Charlotte Dxx

    1. Wow! I feel honoured that you'd still put them on your tree! Hope you are well! xx