Sunday, 27 February 2011

a few photos from the weekend!

All these images are courtesy of Honor Rankin. She came to stay with my friend Laura for the weekend and therefore came to the workshop I held on Friday evening! First off a few of the workshop, creativity and end results of the make and takes! 

Laura with her I{Heart} Hearts creation!

Honor with her I {Heart} Hearts creation!

Me showing Kate how to decorate a candle!

Creativeness in action!

On Saturday afternoon we had some people over for an afternoon of fun and games, it was great fun! My brother-in-law, Richard, and cousin-in-law, Andrew, complete with fancy dress costumes. (They only stayed for a short while as they were off to do games for my second-cousin-in-law, Harry's fifth birthday party! The guys' costumes were amazing!!

Richard riding a bucking bull (left) and Andrew riding a raring horse (right)

I hope you enjoyed this brief snapshot into my weekend, I had so much fun, it was a really great weekend. 
Seeing the boys in those costumes = priceless



  1. I should just fly over one weekend for one of your parties! I looked like a bunch of fun!

  2. Awesome! They are going to get some stick for that! x

  3. Rachel, yes you really should! I miss you so much! Why do all my cousins I get on with especially well with all live so far away?! Its just not fair! :(

    Haha, Rhoda, they did look rather funny!! It was truly a sight to behold! Still can't believe they only cost £15 on Amazon! xx