Wednesday, 23 February 2011

my first workshop = a success!

This afternoon I had my first workshop, hosted by my wonderful Mom! She had 7 guests and they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves! It was a really fun mixture, a lady from my Mom's work who is into papercrafting, but hasn't tried stamping so much and her Mom, a friend that has dabbled in papercrafting (mainly doing her wedding stationary) and then some people from Mom's church who havent really every done much before! So it was really fun being able to introduce them all to the wonderful world of Stampin' Up! 

They especially loved the candle (see a few posts below) I also added tiny little rhinestones to the centres of the pumpkin pie flowers just to jazz it up a little and give a little sparkle! The So Many Thanks demo was also really successful! I was very impressed at how well I did. I went for a run through with Stuart late last night and my mind just kept going blank and I could not explain myself or what I was trying to do at all! I was SO nervous!!! 

The make and takes proved a hit too, I think they really enjoyed getting stuck in and trying out the stamps and inks for themselves! My Mom's colleague brought her daughter, nephew and niece along too. They just played Nintendo DS most of the time but after a bit of persuasion, the little niece got stuck into the make and take. She was so sweet and really enjoyed making her card, it turned out absolutely beautiful!! She is a very talented little girl! 

Mom made some really yummy date and orange cake and some apple sauce muffins, a really nice treat for everyone while they browsed the catalogue, and completed their orders! 

I know a lot of people kept telling me before today, you'll be fine, you can do it, and I knew I believed it but I still was really nervous and slightly uncertain of my ability to pull it off. Having now done it, I feel my confidence has grown hugely and I am so excited to have more workshops now. Next one is on Friday night at mine. I also managed to book one with my friend who was there today and Mom's work colleague! I am SO excited!! 

I fully intended to take a few photos to document my first workshop, mainly for sentiment sake, unfortunately I forgot. To be honest, I was bound to forget something and I think of all the things to forget, that was not a major thing to slip my mind! Perhaps I will take a few on Friday! 

I just want to say a huge thank you once again to Rhoda, my upline, for all the help she has been. (Rhoda - they loved looking at the patterned paper swatch cards you made for me - Thank you!!!)

Now, I didn't get to bed til way gone 2am and woke at 8 something this morning. I am off for a well deserved sleep! 

Thanks for taking an interest, reading, and please do leave a comment! I love reading them all and hearing your thoughts about things I do and create! 

Love to you all, 

Amanda xx


  1. Woohoo! Well done you! looking forward to friday now with all my saved pennies! Spoke to Neils mum, think she'd enjoy it so i might book your services aswell!! x

  2. sweet! really looking forward to seeing you again!!! :D

    ps do you know where i live now? xx