Monday, 28 March 2011

a further classes update!

Just to update you all on my plans to hold a class, and outline again, exactly what these classes will entail. 

Each class will last for roughly 3 hours and I am intending to run them on the third Saturday of every month at my home from 11am 'till 2pm. 

Cost for the class will be about £12 and it will be payable on the day. This cost includes all the materials you will need to make several projects, my time and expertise, instructions for you to take away with you - so you can easily do the project/technique again at home, plus lots of tea and cake! 

As I said previously there won't be any commitment to come every month but if you do wish to come, you will need to book your place as I will have limited spaces! 

Each class will focus on 2-3 different techniques plus a 3d item! Samples will be made in swap format (ie a card front). Classes will discuss techniques outside of those scheduled and will also cover suggestions for layouts and designs.  

I will post the techniques and details of the 3d item for that month's class at the beginning of each month, alternatively, come along to my class for a sneak peek into the following month's class. 

Please do spread the word and you are most welcome to bring a friend along! The more of you there are, the better it will become! 

Any personal orders made during a class will not contribute towards the cost of a class.

Finally, with all this in mind, taking into consideration the business of April and Easter, and also giving myself enough time to promote and plan, I would like to announce that my first class will be held on Saturday May 21st from 11am - 2pm

Side Note - This will be my last activity for a few weeks as I am then heading off to the States to see family and friends and attend my cousin's wedding (very excited!)!  I will be back early to mid June - I'm waiting for my US passport to return with my name change so still have not booked my tickets! EEK! I will announce dates I will be unavailable for workshops or to place orders when I have booked my flights! I fully intend to be back, planned and ready to go for June's class on the 18th!

Thanks again to all who have expressed an interest in attending a class and making this happen! I am very excited and just cannot wait 'till May to teach you all some fab techniques! 

Please drop me a email at if you are interested in attending! 

Have a great Monday!

Amanda xoxo

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