Monday, 14 March 2011

still running...

Wow it was a busy weekend! 

I had my workshop on Friday night, and although I only had 4 people attend but it still went really well, it was such a nice relaxing evening and really got to just chill and relax with my guests. They all had a good time too! Don't forget my next workshop is on Friday 25th March so come check it out, its sure to be fun! 

Saturday was taken up with chores and getting passport photos done in order to change my name for my upcoming trip to the states for my cousin's wedding. That evening was our kids youth group and we had organised a live board game mystery (like a murder mystery but without the murder bit!) It was really good fun and the kids all seemed to have a blast! 

Sunday was spent at church with meetings pretty much all day so I still haven't had the chance to upload all the cool cards and stuff I've made over the last week or so...

I'm off to photograph them all now so I will be back really shortly with exciting things to show off! 

Hope you're all having a great Monday! 

Amanda xx

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