Sunday, 21 August 2011

birthday, big shot and bunny plus some class bits

Its been an exhausting few weeks, this week especially. Sorry I haven't updated for the Simply Stampin' Challenge, I promise I will do it later, I originally intended for this to be a short personal update followed by the challenge but after writing this post I just haven't the inclination or energy to follow up with the simply stampin'! Later.

It was my birthday on Thursday, my hubby got me a Big Shot!! I was so excited, so naturally I had to have a play. My mum came over for lunch and did some crafting with me and then in the evening Stu cooked me a nice meal, only hitch was that he miss calculated how long the food was going to take to cook and we ended up eating at 11:30pm!! Well it was really nice in the end and he went to a lot of effort, I was really quite impressed!

I don't know how Friday turned out to be such a busy day but it did, and as I was writing instructions for class the following day at midnight I got a message from my brother saying my lovely little bunny, Somkey, was really ill and I should come and see him. (He's 8 years old and just couldn't handle moving out of my parents' house) So we trotted on over, resulting in a second rather late night and early start on Saturday.

Saturday was class, I had six ladies and we had lots of fun! We were focusing on punches this month, so we did punch stencilling, some gorgeous rock and roll, punched, glossy and glittery butterflies and 2 types of 3D flowers which we covered a large paper mache box in! I love to see how awesome and different everyone's creations turn out! And its always a joy to see people having fun. I will post photos of the class creations later (when I am a little more with it!).
After that we went over to my parents' house for a birthday BBQ party and games. It was so much fun, we played bowls on the lawn, wordy board games inside, empires, and a game of hide and seek for objects my dad hid around the garden (a lot more fun than I've just made it sound!!). I got rather into it and tired to dodge my friend to get to dad for the next object, he blocked me and then decided to get out of the way, I dodged, tripped, went flying. My cheek smashed into the wooden garden chair leg, then my cheek, shoulder, taking a majority of the impact dived into the lawn and skidded along quite a distance! I was told it was quite a spectacular fall. So I had frozen peas on my face after that. My cheek and shoulder are still a little sore but at least Joanna and I won!! :D
After everyone left we stayed behind to see Smokey, I cuddled him for ages and then tried to put him back in his house, everytime I tried to close the door he would move his body so that we couldn't. I think he knew it was the end. So I just ended up sitting cuddling him watching Mulan and shopping channel tv with him, gently comforting him until it was time for him to go. I am going to miss him INCREDIBLY! He was the best pet you could have asked for. We were definitely his family, he felt responsible for us and he was always there for me! He knew when I was sad and down, stressed, ill or just needed some company and was always willing to give a cuddle and a good licking!

Baby Smokey 8 years ago! 

A Favourite: antenna ears, big toothy expression and sniffles! 
 Sorry for ranting.

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