Tuesday, 9 August 2011

its been a while!

Well, it sure has been a while since I did much to my blog, apart from some scheduled posts! Life has been a little bit busy of late!

In July I had been having lots of fun at quite a few Stampin' Up! parties, running classes and then I was off on holiday! I had started some scheduled posts but ran out of time to finish them for the entire time I was away as I had intended to do! Sorry about that! Just means more loveliness for you to come over the next few weeks!

Stu and I went to Cornwall on holiday for a week, it was really lovely. We had lots of sun, picturesque views and fantastic food! (Not good for the figure though! Eeek!) Anyway, a couple of days after our return, was Stu's cousin's wedding. It was a really great day, fantastic weather, and Nay and Phil just make such a sweet couple!

The day after that was back to business with another Stampin' Up! party, followed by a second on Monday and a third to come tomorrow! Woah 3 in a week! What fun! :D Tomorrow is a special one actually as Rhoda (my downline) is down from Shetland so we are hosting a joint one together. I'm looking forward to getting together with her tomorrow and doing some good quality crafting and getting to know her a bit better. My life seems to have a theme of distance, when I was young we lived in Pakistan, then all my grandparents, cousins, uncles, friends all lived VERY far away! Not to mention my family in the states who are still REALLY far away and now my upline lives FAR FAR away. At least my life is consistent! Haha! So if you are around and fancy coming to a Stampin' Up! party tomorrow night at 7pm at mine please email me on amanda_burditt@hotmail.co.uk. Please RSVP by the end of the day! Look forward to seeing you there!

I will have more to come over the next few days but for now,

take care,



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