Thursday, 16 February 2012

there's no business like snow business!

Something different for y'all today...not a piece of paper in sight! A few weeks ago we had some pretty awesome snow! We don't get lots so when we do get it I go a little nuts and try to make the most of it! I really love building things with the snow! 

So when we got snow a couple weeks ago Stuart and I went for a midnight wander around a very picturesque reservoire near where we live for a little walk through the freshly falling snow. After we'd had a really gorgeous walk we decided to build something. It ended up being VERY big and really fun! 

Herman our snow head! We had so much fun together, it was definitely worth going out super late and feeling shattered afterwards! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing our creation. 

Have a great day! 

Amanda xoxo


  1. So envious! All of our snow combined this year couldn't make something like this... LOVE your snow head and it looks like you created some wonderful memories as well!

    1. Thanks! It was really fun! Maybe sometime I will upload photos of other things we/I have created in previous years - a couple years ago we got several snow falls and I made Peter Rabbit and Tom Kitten and Stu and I made Mrs Tiggy Winkle! They were truly awesome!!! x