Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Woodland Animals Baby Mobile


So today I'm getting my blog post out at the end of the day. Feeling tired and just failed to find time earlier today/last night to write a post. I thought tonight I just share something non papercrafting. A little while ago you may recall I was busy sewing and I promised you I show/tell you about it when it was completed and gifted. Well it got gifted a while ago now and I still haven't shared. 

Just to warn you, this is a photo heavy post!

This cute woodland animals mobile was super fun to make. It was a new baby gift for Arthur, my bestie's new babe. I hand drew all the animals, toadstools, acorns. All the little bits are cut out with bondaweb on the back - its super handy for keeping everything in place and means any added stitching can be more decorative. I also used felt because its easy to cut and sew plus it doesn't fray so just totally easy to piece lots of little bits together! 

The front and back of all the animals, toadstools and acorns are sewn together with a simple blanket stitch and stuffed to make them nice and puffy! 

The structure was made with the inside sections of two embroidery hoops - 1 large and 1 small. Fishing wire holds the small hoop in the centre of the larger one - its just zig zagged between the out and inside hoops. Mom and Dad were a huge help - they helped with all the drilling and holding things in place while it was being threaded together - definitely a two person job! 

After all the animals etc were added with fishing wire I added little felt leaves with decorative stitching on them to the outer hoop to pretty it up and make it look like a forest. Fun huh?


Fox. Beads added the finishing toch for eyes and noses. 

Large toadstool had the new baby's name on it - Arthur Henry. 

This was actually a last minute addition. We somehow mis calculated the number of holes we needed and after adding everything realised there was an extra hole. I had to make something else to fill the gap and mom suggested adding Arthur's name. What a cute idea. I thought a giant toadstool with his name would be nice - the letters were a little challenging to cut out but it all worked in the end! 




There were also small toadstools, acorns, an owl and snails but I didn't get decent photos of them! 

Hope you enjoyed this post and seeing something a little different! Maybe this has inspired you to make something sewn too? 

Happy Stampin',


  1. What a beautiful gift - love the shape and the is so "happy"!