Thursday, 5 May 2011

general update

Its been a funny few weeks, I'm still battling some bug and meanwhile trying to keep going with work, Stampin' Up! and everything else in my life. Its been a struggle when to be honest all I want to do is sleep. But I can't as I am leaving for America in just over 2 weeks (YES I am VERY excited!!) For anyone wanting to place orders or book a workshop, please note I will be away from May 23rd until June 9th. During that time I will have limited internet access!!

I'm really hoping my throat thing has cleared up by the time I go away or I will be very miffed off. I went to the doctor yesterday and he was nothing but useless! I feel as though I wasted an hour of my life! 

On the plus side, I had a lovely Bank Holiday Monday (I was feeling almost completely better - before getting worse again the following day, yeah, go figure!). The Hacketts and Scarsbrooks (some of Stu's uncles, aunts and cousins) returned from the US so it was lovely to catch up with them and a bunch of other family members at a little cafe in Castle Ashby. Little Georgia was there, and I got a cuddle!! (I'm not a baby person but she's just so sweet - yes I am excited I got a cuddle!) Actually I got more than a cuddle, the minute Abi gave her to me she started to cry (mainly due to hunger) so I got to feed her her bottle and burp her. First time ever in my life I've fed a baby, its quite exciting really. After her bottle she ended up falling asleep and we had the nicest little cuddle...she's just SO adorable!!! I realise I might be coming across as a slight nutter here but its a big thing for me, and I just wanted to share it with someone. I hope you will allow me my moment of craziness! 

Catch you later,

Amanda xo

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