Saturday, 21 May 2011

marvellous may class fun!

My first class is over and it was fab! There were 5 lovely ladies that joined me today, and I couldn't have been happier with how it went, apart from perhaps the few moments where I got totally tongue tied but hey ho that happens to everyone, we live and learn! So, I really enjoyed it and from what I can gather, everyone seemed to have a great time too! It makes me so happy to see others getting enjoyment out of creating a card or other project and its such a blessing to be able to share my passion with others! Its actually what gets me out of bed in the it!

 And now I would like to show you what we did, and if you didn't make it, what you missed out on!

Poppin' Pastels Flower 

Rock And Roll Birdie

Greenhouse Garden Waterfall

This was an BIG hit...its so much fun to make a interactive card and everyone really did go ooh and ahh when they saw it cascade! 


I gave everyone freedom to create whatever they wanted on their candle! They turned out beautifully and clearly showed each person's individual taste and flare! 

If you like what you saw and really wished that you had come I am thinking of running a catch up class on my return in June so if you are at all interested please email me on 
It will depend on the amount of interest I recieve as to whether I run this catch up class so please do email me if you would like to make all of the above projects. 

I will leave you with a comment from today: 

"After using the stamp-a-ma-jig today it has really given me the confidence to use it at home, its a lot less daunting"

It is so lovely to see the confidence build up in people. Please do email me if you are interested. 

For those interested in my June class, it will be on June 18th from 11am-2pm at mine. Don't forget to email me to book your place! (there were "WOWs" today as I showed sneak peaks of June's class!!) 

Can't wait to hear from you! 

Amanda xoxo

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  1. All projects are gorgeous! Well done you! xx