Friday, 3 June 2011

from the other side of the pond!

Just a quick little update to just let you all know that I am still alive and well. Enjoying some quality time in the States with family!

My flight over was fine, delayed which meant I missed my connecting flight so it meant a lot more waiting around which was a bit sucky but the flight itself, although the beginning and end were a bit turbulent was overall quite good. I even managed to sleep on the plane, something that never happens for me! My cousin Rachel met me at the airport and after trying to track my bag (it was still in Chicago!!) we got over to Grandma's and went out for a lovely Italian meal.

I have had some real nice times with some old friends of mine. With Kate, shopping, seeing her house getting all fixed up, eating out and seeing her new hobby - furniture making! whew! With Angela, I got to meet her hubby and 2 little kids, they are just the sweetest, so we went out for a meal with them and to the park so the kids could play! I also met up with some good old friends of mine, Keith and Mary for a meal and then played scrabble! I'm afraid I wasn't very good, but I'm going to blame the jet lag!

I also got to spend last Friday with my cousin Rachel, we went shopping, I got clothes and stuff. It was really lovely to be able to see her and hang out with her again! I only wish we had more time but I was very grateful that she managed to take a day out of wedding planning to hang out!! That evening we did some wedding stuff like place cards and programs etc - fiddly but necessary stuff!

Lots of time with Grandma, she likes to talk so I've been practicing my listening skills!!

I have to say, I have loved being out here, soaking up Wisconsin but I am missing my Stuart terribly! I'm counting down the days 'til i see him once again!

So that's all I'll leave you with for now and will blog more fully once I get back on British soil...complete with jet lag...ugh! Its always so much worse coming back to England I feel!!

Amanda xo

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