Monday, 27 June 2011

sometimes life gets in the way...of crafting

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog for a bit, I don't really feel like I've properly blogged in ages! To be honest I still feel like I'm trying to catch up on everything. I came back from America with two things.

First off is this new sense of needing to be healthy. Anyone who has known me this past year will know I seem to have been suffering with one illness after another, the latest being tonsillitis, just before I went away! In the States I ate so much fruit and salad, I felt great! So I'm trying to spend more time in the kitchen cooking meals involving more fruit and veg, which can be hard when your husband only eats oranges, potatoes, peas, corn, carrots and peppers! I am attempting to widen his horizons! This past week I cooked stuffed peppers, I really didn't think he would like them much as he isn't a fan of rice but I found a recipe for this Mexican spicy rice which I stuffed in along with  mince and veg! It went down a treat and he said I could make it again, hooray for something new! At least he's willing to try new things, gradually I'll work him round to the hard stuff!

Secondly, is tackling the house. I have spring cleaned the kitchen and its looking great now, I think I've just about sorted homes for all my kitchen stuff now - I had just shoved things in cupboards when we got married as I was pushed for time and ideas of where stuff should live! I just really need to scrub the floor now...ugh! Also did a small blitz of the living/dining room but that is usually kept in fairly good knick as that's the room I use for my stampin' parties and classes! Still, you would be surprised what junk manages to accumulate in corners and down the sides of things!! The worst room of all is my "craft room". Its housed my craft stuff but never actually really to to the state where its fit to be used for such purposes! So this past few days I got on the case of all these boxes of things and cleared out craft stuff I seldom use, put it in shoe boxes and in the cupboard making some space to store my Stampin' Up goodies! It still have a LONG way to go but its looking mile better than what it was even just a week ago! Stu has been great for motivation and helping out, he even hoovered the floor for me (I hate hoovering) which was so kind of him!

This next week we have Stu's friend, Steve, from university days staying over. He was an usher at our wedding. It will be nice to see him again and I'm sure the boys will have a good time together. As a result I might be a bit quiet this week what with trying to get this craft room sorted and our guest and all!

July is turning out to be a busy month for me, I have 3 parties at other people's houses scheduled already which is great! Also my monthly class which will be on the third Saturday of the month - July 16th! Details of the class projects and techniques will be released on Friday July 1st!

Now, I've just noticed the time, I must be off to bed as my dad is coming tomorrow morning to help fix the curtain rail in our living room that came down about 2 months ago. Sorry for rambling on, just thought you might like to know what I've been up to these past few weeks. Hopefully things will settle down again soon and I will get back to normal. Although I don't know how soon that will happen seeing as we are off on holiday in about 4 weeks time, this time with the husband - yay! Then its back for Nay's wedding and Rhoda, my Stampin' Up mother will be down and I'm hoping to have a crafting session or two with her...fingers crossed! Then its my birthday and off for another short break in the Peak District and Ben's wedding. Its all go this summer!

Take care,

Amanda x

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  1. Well done you! It always feels so good after a clear out but it makes so much ness doing it! Maybe follow your example and do my loft...
    I've completely neglected my blog too! Will try harder, and you are much better than me at keeping up to date!!
    Looking forward to seeing you and stampin in Aug! Hooray for Nay and her wedding! I get to see all you guys again! x