Tuesday, 5 April 2011

14 people...

It was a bit of a mission tonight at a workshop I did for my husband's aunt Deb, when I had 14 ladies to entertain and try to keep under control! They all seemed to have a great time, they loved watching the cards come together so quickly especially all the embossing I did, and the stamp-a-ma-jig was a hit too! They seemed really excited to make their own magnet...but by golly that was a mission to get everyone organised! I never expected so many to come! We had to do the make and take in two sessions...so it finished a lot later than was expected, but that was always going to be the case when you have that many all trying to do the same thing and needing help and advice along the way! I felt like I needed to be in six different places all at the same time! 

I only got one more booking, with another of Stu's aunts, but hopefully I'm getting some of the ladies hooked on crafty things! (especially ones that have never tried anything like this before! I totally understand that its a lot to take in at once!) I really do think its so nice to be able to come out for an evening and just relax, not have the worry of other things you should be doing, or kids nagging at you and just have fun being creative! And learning how simple it really is! So simple that ANYONE can do it!  

I'll post some photos of the cards and magnet I demonstrated tomorrow....its late now and I'm shattered! 

Also, a couple days ago I promised more on the builder wheel! Its been a massively busy weekend, much more so than I was expecting it to be, and haven't yet finished my entry. I will finish it tomorrow, take a photo of the card we made at training using the builder wheel and post that tomorrow too...two posts in one day, now that can't be a bad thing, can it!?

One last thing, if you're free and in the area, I am holding a workshop on Friday 15th April at 7:30 and all are welcome to come! There will even be a little extra something for anyone who attends as it is the week before Easter! Very exciting!! (I wonder if I am still entitled to an easter egg now I am a grown married woman?!) 

Take care, 

Catch you tomorrow,

Amanda xx

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  1. Hi Amanda,
    it was lovely to spend some time with you today. You are totally still entitled to an easter egg - infact it's hubby's responsibility :)
    See you soon
    Vicky x