Saturday, 9 April 2011

another successful workshop and a general update

Ok, so just to fill you in on the last few days, on Thursday I went over to another demonstrator's house in Northampton (because she found me on the demo finder and we thought it would be lovely to meet up and share some ideas with each other! and have some crafty play) It was so great to meet her and spend some time with another Stampin' Up! demo, that's the sad thing about having an upline that lives in Shetland! Anyway, Vicky was super lovely...and she let me play with her Big Shot!!! *Gasp* It is such a dream to use! I loved it so much and its so great all the materials you can run through it! It would be fab to cut out a load of different shapes that can then be layered on top of one another. I cut out a bunch of different little shapes so I can play at home, I intend to have a go next week and then I shall upload some photos of things I did! (Now, I cannot wait 'till my birthday in August to get my own Big Shot...but I shall be patient!)

Friday I had the day off, my friend Donna came over, I cooked a great Chinese feast - Spring Rolls, Vegetable & Noodle Stirfry, Chicken & Cashew Stirfry, Beef in Oyster Sauce, and Sweet and Sour Pork! It was SO yummy!! My hubby doesn't eat Chinese so I have to take advantage of times like these when I have friends over and just go all least now I have lots of nice left overs to munch on! So we sat and ate our feast and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic...such a funny film! Unfortunately the only downside to yesterday was a rather sore throat and feeling a bit on the unwell side! 

Today I woke at the crazy early time of 7:30am after a bad nights sleep. My throat was worse, I felt awful and I had a workshop later today! I almost thought I wasn't going to make it! Thank goodness for Lemsips! I dosed myself up on Lemsip and made it to Ally's workshop! Despite my croaky voice and feeling under the weather, it went really well! I met some new people which was great (I hope I was sociable enough) and got to catch up with old friends and acquaintances! I'm so glad that my workshops are going so well, its so encouraging and I am really looking forward to running my classes soon! I already have one person signed up for my class on May 21st! It is so encouraging to see all the interest I am receiving at the moment! Thanks for everyone that has supported/supporting me in what I am doing at the moment! 

Please do get in touch if you would like to attend my class next month. 

Thanks again,

Amanda xoxo


  1. Well done you, it's not easy to keep going when you feel bad. Glad you got on well! Wish we could sit down and try out the Big Shot! Maybe do some stamping when I'm down in august?! xx

  2. Yeah, defo! How long are you down for? I know your mum said you arrive on our anniversary.