Thursday, 28 April 2011

home again! (a slightly delayed update)

So, I am home from my trip away to Chester. Let me tell you, this trip did not go quite according to plan!

First off we managed to miss place the voucher for the hotel we were staying at so ended up paying it ourselves instead - not the best thing to find out the night before you go away but still we thought we could manage it, and we had been looking forward to getting away for a while so it would have been such a shame to cancel! Stu has been working really hard at school lately and I think its really important for him to have a few relaxing days away...where no work can get in the way! (its not that we haven't been relaxing at home but he has had lots of marking to do and its good to get away from all that for a while!!)

Then on the morning we went away (Wednesday) I woke up with the most awful sore throat and earache, felt really dreadful! I was kind of feeling like we weren't meant to go or something which felt really rubbish! I had a sore throat, earache and cold etc a couple weeks ago and have just been getting over it, just had a little bit of a cough left really and then Wednesday I just got full of cold all over again! I hoped it would just clear up as the day went on but if anything it got worse! When we got to Chester pretty much all we did was find a Boots chemist, buy Lemsip capsules and water and then head to a lovely little park in the centre and relax! At least the weather was gorgeous!!

Our hotel was amazing. I might sound really naive here but I've never been to such a posh hotel before, its called Crabwall Manor Hotel (definately recommend it if anyone is thinking of getting away!!!) The Manor itself is really gorgeous and has really pretty grounds to walk in or sit in and have a drink in the evening! Our room was really something (now this is coming from someone who has always gone for budget hotels and travelodges until this point!). First you walk into a sitting room and then in another room is the bedroom with a bed as wide as I am tall!! It was all furnished really lovely as well. And then the bathroom...well its definately a lot larger than the bathroom we have in our house! It had the most enormous bath(!!!!), toilet, bday, his and hers sinks and a big shower...oh and it was all underfloor heated...what luxury!!

Anyhow, I just reaslised I'm rambling quite a lot. So now I will be brief. We had the most gorgeous weather so it was perfect for doing things outside, we went to Beeston Castle (a lovely ruin on the top of a hill with a very pleasant walk up and also a great woodland walk around the base!) and after that we cooled down by stopping by the ice cream farm and having some awesome ice cream!! Its all made fresh on the farm and after a hot day and lots of walking it hit the spot. We pigged out a bit by each having a waffle cone with 2 gigantic scoops! I had chocolate fudge cookie and pistachio (both heavenly), and Stu had malt tease and double chocolate (also heavenly!). Seriously, if you ever are up in Cheshire, you have to go there its great and good fun for the kids too...lots of play areas, baby calves and you can watch the cows being milked! 

On Friday we walked around Chester, saw the Roman sights, had a lovely boat cruise down the river Dee and then in the afternoon headed over to Ness Botanical Gardens! All the rhododendrons were out, some of my favourite flowers, and as they are way too big to ever have one in our garden, so I just soaked them all up! I'd really recommend that garden too if you want a nice relaxing place with plenty to see! 

I meant to post this last week but I was still suffering with a sore throat and had a severe migraine on Sunday. I eventually went to the doctor about my throat, earache and cough yesterday...I have tonsillitis! Thankfully now I have medication and hoping I will feel better soon, I haven't really felt like doing much of anything. 

Some good news, yesterday I finally got my passport back so today I went down to the travel agent and book myself tickets to the States next month! I am very excited as I haven't been over there for almost 3 years and cannot wait to see my cousin Rachel get married! 

Catch you later, 

Amanda xoxo

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