Wednesday, 13 April 2011

what a lovely day!

Just a short little post to say what a lovely day I have had! For anyone that knows me, you will know that I am not really a baby and kid person...I just don't know what to do with them and afraid I'm just not good at connecting with them! So this may surprise some of you... Today Stuart and I took Harry and Ollie (new little baby Georgia's older brothers) to the park! We had SO MUCH FUN!! seriously! We swung on the swings, played football, ate an ice-cream, fed the ducks, played on the slide, more football, more sliding and more swinging! The boys totally loved it! And they were SO good all afternoon, only a tiny 30 second tantrum when it was time to go home! I wish kids were always like that! It was nice to be able to give Lydia a break from the boys, she must get so tired out looking after 3 kids! Anyhow, that's all that I wanted to say, I was actually pleasantly surprised how fun it was and needed to share it with someone!!


  1. They are awesome little boys! Glad you gave Lyd some downtime, she'll be needing it! x

  2. Yeah they are such sweet boys! I can't believe how well behaved they were all afternoon...only one tiny tantrum when we were leaving and ollie didn't want to go!