Monday, 31 October 2011

my weekend

Hi all!

I don't have anything crafty as such to share with you today - its been a super manic weekend and I am going to enjoy a quieter day today relaxing and tidying the house!

On Friday night we went to Stuart's aunt Esther's. She was having a Stampin' Up party on the Friday night - she'd never been to a Stampin' Up event before so we were both quite excited! She had a good number of people attend and they all loved it. Its so great to see everyone having such a good time - it reminds me why I do this job! After everyone had left Est and I stayed up RIDICULOUSLY late chatting about guess what (?!) - Stampin' Up!! Its great to see that shes so interested and has so many questions - very tiring though!

Meanwhile the men (Stu and Steve) were off playing Scrabble and manly things like that.

On the Saturday we all went to Calke Abbey as a friend of Est's was going to take some photos of the boys - we had so much fun playing in all the trees and Steve broke a fence. haha. Lizzie got a few sneaky pics of the two of us as well - would be nice to have a decent photo of the two of us as the last time we had a proper photo of both of us was at our wedding almost a year and half ago! How time flies!!

Anyway we got back home late on Satuday night and I just crashed out (for about 12 hours) - the usual church etc on Sunday and now we are on Monday. The house is a tip so housecleaning is in order today, and this evening we are going to my friend Laura's house for dinner and to see her new place.

Come back tomorrow and I will hopfully have some crafty stuff to share!

Take care,

Amanda xx

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