Monday, 18 July 2011

happy surprises

I had a lovely little surprise in the post on Friday! It was really sweet so I thought I would just share it with you all! It was from my Stampin' Up grandma, Amanda.

She sent me this sweet little bracelet. She sends every demo one when they get their first downline and promote to Bronze 3! It comes with 3 beads on it, one is a dragonfly, her trademark and one that says love on it and the third one is for the first member of the downline. Then whenever you get a new member in your downline she sends you another bead for your bracelet! Its really sweet of her, and here it is, complete with packaging and card...

I hope you enjoyed seeing today's little share! The card is just gorgeous and so cheerful! Love it! 

Catch you again tomorrow! 




  1. I'm so pleased it arrived safe and sound. Congratulations !

  2. Thank you so much! It was so lovely of you! :) x