Thursday, 7 July 2011

seriously neglected!

Hello lovely blog readers!

Wow I have SERIOUSLY neglected my blog. It hasn't been for a lack of crafting by any means! I have a huge pile of goodies I can't wait to show you all, they just haven't quite made it to photo format! 

If any of you were reading last week about the state of my craft room, well I would like to say, it got finished! Just in time for Steve to come visit us so while he slept on the sofa downstairs I now had a lovely craft room to use. Well, it was my first proper full day working in there. I was just sitting minding my own business crafting away and then all of a sudden crash, bang, whollop! I turned around to see one of my shelves had come off the wall and everything was a mess. Drawers with office supplies and pencils etc were lying in broken pieces on the floor, there was DSP everywhere!! ugh! And then just to top it off, when I started clearing up a few thing, I failed to se that my glass tealight holder had been smashed and I got glass in my foot! Oh what a day! I felt bad seeing as it woke Steve up too! 

On Monday my friend Handyman Hugh came over to fix my shelves. He added more brackets to spread the weight so hopefully something like that won't happen again! 

My room isn't quite how it was before...yet. To be honest I've had too much fun crafting in my proper craft room to want to tidy things up! 

So, I will charge my camera battery and be back this afternoon with project for you to see! 

'til next time, 

Amanda x

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