Saturday, 16 July 2011

so swirly in july with class

Today was my July class. I had four lovely ladies and we all had such a great time together! I have to say I really love my classes, not only do I get to wow my attendees with fab projects and products from Stampin' Up but I get to have a really good time crafting with some lovely people. It is such a pleasure getting to know so many new people and a joy to see how every one's projects turn out so differently and so fabulously! 

Now onto this month's class. This month we used the Jumbo wheel. We were also going to use the builder wheel but we just ran out of time and to really get into it, it needs some more time so it will be added into a future class instead! This is the card we made using the So Swirly jumbo wheel!

So Swirly Flowers

The other techniques we focused on this month was decorating chip board! We all decorated our chip board using two techniques, covering with designer paper and inking! Its amazing how easy it is to bring chip board to life and how professional it looks! And by decorating it yourself you can  make them co-ordinate perfectly with whatever project you are working on! We added our chip board to the 3D project we made with was a baking sheet message board! 

This is one that I did a few weeks ago for a Simply Stampin' Challenge, I did another today during my class using the Oh Sew paper... GORGEOUS!!!! I will upload photos of that message board later this week! 

The message board makes a great home accessory - personalise to fit in with your home/office/kitchen d├ęcor. It also makes an extremely affordable but gorgeous little gift! In the current economical climate everyone is looking for ways to save and with a project like this, they cost next to nothing!

Baking Tray Message Board & Bottle Cap Magnets

If you like the look of these projects and you would like to have a go yourself please do get in touch and we will schedule a catch up class! I would love to show you how to do these projects, they are just so much fun and easy to do too! Email me on to book your catch up class now! 

Look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Amanda x

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